Thursday, October 15, 2009

Having the Time of My Life

Bonjour mes amis!

I'm having the time of my life! Today is the first day since Aug 31st that I've had NOTHING to do! No appointments, interviews, deadlines, rehearsals...nothing! Not that I am complaining at all---it just feels good to lay around and to nothing.

I've eaten 2 bowls of cereal, half of a medium pizza, watched soaps and caught up with my heroine Liz Lemon. Watching 30 Rock gives me hope---wait, is that why I've eaten so much???

Anyway enjoy the video and pics of the 1st week of Fedra. It's rocking kids!

come and join us! If you buy tickets and mention this blog posting, I'll buy you a beer in the Lookingglass Lounge post show!

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