Thursday, January 27, 2011

Born Day Wishes For The Greatest Man I Know

Born day wishes for the for the one who taught me just about every thing I know.
The one who taught me defiance, cunning & wit, and to never EVER be afraid of your own people.
The one that introduced me to WTTW Chicago--a true window to the world.
How to look past the crack vials, degradation, and misogyny.
How to look in the eye racism, bigotry, and sexism
The one that taught me when to be refined, and when to act my zip code.
The one who told me not to be fooled by the appearance of rock & roll
promptly lining up the Isley Brothers, Sister Rosetta, and Hendrix records on the hi-fi...making sure I knew the history and not his-story.
The one who took me to Comiskey Park, and The Stadium.
He who lead by example, without ever demanding recognition.
The one who taught me to ride the rails, and take notice of the great White City and its magnificence.
Reminding me that Sandburg wasn't the only one to take note.
The one who took me antiquing every Sunday morning--treating me to hot chocolate, and an anthology of music & epic storytelling by Tupac.

The one who bought me my first typewriter, Brother word processor, and lap top computer.
The one who didn't blink when I made the dumbest mistakes-- including dating a parade of fucktards. At times I wish he used his 6'3 frame to kick those morons in square in the nads--but I think he knew I could do it myself. 
The smart one in the family, agile in books and sports.
Constantly awarded for his academics.  A man who can speak extemporaneously on any topic, yet won't say shit if it doesn't move him.
I desperately emulated him.
The scholar, decorated athlete, and a beer connoisseur.
The one with a smart mouth, intense hazel eyes--the kind of man you wouldn't want to piss off.
I can recall the day he left for college...still a child, I didn't think I could face the world without him.
Now I'm all growed up--living nearly 2,000 miles away...and I still have those moments, where I think "I can't face the world without his guidance or protection." These last few days, I've battled demons, as we all do.  But then I remember he's been training me for this since he was 7 years old and I came busting through my mother's coot.  Sibling rivalry is something I will never understand. If mom loves him more---I'd have to agree. He's the better kid.

And now, clips from some of our favorite movies we watched together.

Happy Birthday Big Brother.


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