Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Without Jesus: A Memoir

Pressed Hair
Pink Goody barrets, the one with the two birds kissing
Ribbons and socks from Jew Town

Frilly dresses from the Julios on 18th
White patent leather Mary Janes, shining like new money

Paaz Easter Egg dye
The fake green stringy grass, plastic eggs with a hidden treasure
Chocolate bunny rabbits (with yellow and blue eyes that looked like the rabbit was trippin on LSD)
Popeye Pez dispensers (nobody liked the candy tho) 
Mama can I please take my basket to church? Please I wanna show it off!

Put some vaseline on them elbows gal, and them ashy knees too.
Come on and put that coat on! Not that one, the one we got from Goldblatts.
Be sure to wrap that macaroni with 'luminum foil
Careful who greens you eat, cuz everybody don't clean em right

Ahye love the lawd, he heard my cry! Ahhhhhhhhhhhheeennnnnnnnnuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh.......
(the deacon board sanging)
I caint stand these Easter niggas. Don't come to church all year, then come ready to promenade Ma Dear quipped.
Umph these first of the month niggas done spent all they money on they dress. Look like some fresh fools.
Don't know why they let Brenda sang that song, she need to stick to playing the washboard. She can play the hell out of that washboard.
Here go a quarter baby, pay your tithes.
Preacher say you cain't pop yo oochie coochie all night on Saturday, and ain't got time for cherch on sunday!

Service was good, but he know he long winded as hell.
Go wash you face and don't forget to roll your bangs.
Say your prayers
and yes, you can watch Benny Hill 'fore you go to bed.
Good night lil girl.
Good night mami.
You say your prayers?

He rose.

Happy Reserrection Sinners!



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