Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tsunami Scott, Tornadoes in Los Angeles and E-coli Burgers Supersized

Ciao pizanos!

Well our dear uncle Ted Kennedy is one mad mf. After 40thousand years of democratic senate rule Scott Brown triumphed in a major Grand Old Party victory. He got the seat that we so desperately needed.

By we, I'm sure you know dear reader that I am a Negro and all black people vote as democrats.

No. But in all seriousness, this cat pulled the rug from under the democrats. And this time Mario and Luigi can't go bouncing to Washington to save our asses. Healthcare may go the way of Hudlin brothers films in the 90s. A feel good thing of the past. (see: House Party, Great White Hype)

Scott Brown is also a pimp. See how he tried to ho his daughters off? Nicely done.

Voters are angry and that backlash is the ballot (hopefully never the bullet). Speaking of blacklash, I heard a story on NPR yesterday about black voters in South Carolina having backlash against president Obama. I frowned immediately and thanked god I was a Midwestern girl loyal to Mr. Obama. Then I got on my uppity Yankee pedestal and cursed my kinsmen. In the audio one of the blacklashers claimed Obama had not done anything to help the "black community" and that he had in fact set blacks back.

Word son?

This man went on to say that blacks in corporate America were still disproportionate in job placement, housing and all that kinda shit. Now look I'm all for social justice and taking over admin buildings on campus. I hate that in most universities Greek mythology, theatre, and Afrocentric stories are considered electives, but really? Obama is setting blacks back?


One year, this man has been in office for one year. He's commander-in-chief for these united states, NOT the congressional black caucus. Why is there voter backlash over race relations? He's a politician folks? He can't reverse centuries of institutionalized racism in 367 days. YES WE CAN still won't get my black ass a lead role in a romantic comedy opposite Seth Rogen. It won't stop dumb sacks of shit like Heidi Montag from polluting my tv with her tales of plastic surgery.

I dunno. Maybe that's just me.
Other weird things: water spouts, mudslides and flooding in LA
Eric McCormack getting shanked on Law and Order SVU
People actually give ashit about Avatar. In a bad way. It's make believe dummies. Iont remember people being pissed about Transformers 2 with them fucking coonbots. I liked the film. Big blue Indian Negroes as super intelligent beings? Fine by me.

Okay kids, my drugs are kicking in. Time for sleep. I hope I dream of a rebuilt Haiti, dry LA, warm Chicago and BBD to be back in the R&B charts.

Eat a dick Pat Roberston.

Ciao lovers
YES WE CAN won't solve everything in four years either.

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Maani said...

gotta say I hated Avatar...

White man saves natives from overly-evil bad white men. He becomes so good at being a native, that he is better than the natives at it. Hot native chick opens legs for him, angry native men hate him, then respect him so much they follow their death, not his though.

Sorry, but I saw it Dances with Wolves, and Last Samurai...and many more.

I was just mad that so much money was spent on poor writing, and a tired ass story thats been written and heard again and again.
Its fucking lazy.

But pretty though.