Monday, January 18, 2010

How Mammy Killed Pat Robertson & Rush Limbaugh

Ciao fuckers!

Happy MLK day! Hope you turned the other cheek, sang negro spirituals and held hands with white liberals and clueless blacks as they insisted that a post racial society can exist whilst sipping exta foamy lattes at the Woolworth counter.

I also hope you gave your Mexican-Salvadorian-Guatamalan gardner/nanny the day off.

Oh don't get mad. Dr. King was a man with a great sense of humor.
Oh I'm also glad to see white on white violence. This whole Conan v Leno is great!
For years in our community (yes I'm speaking for all black people) the beef was Ja v 50
Puff v Sug...Jigga v Nas... And now? Beans and Cornbread is having a fight!

Look I like Conan. But frankly this ish is garbage. These are goddamned multi millionaires. Play the game boys! You should be good little celebs and jump on the humanitarian wagon instead or sending zingers via monolouges. Haiti is such a sexy story. I mean look at the clowns in the media. CNN? The hungry wet flat haired actors on the carpet of the Golden Globes are all doin it!
"yes my gown in Armani Prive. Hand beaded by the children...uh couture makers in Italy. And I the ribbon is a bummer but, go Haiti!"


The media here in the states lick their chops over all kinds of tragedy. I get it. But one has to wonder
"If the victims have to 'loot' for food, then what are the journalist eating? Drinking?"
Now you musnt be too pissy with me dear reader. These are only a few things I ponder over in my pea brain. I am writing from apple products as I sit on my lush bed and stare at my closet crammed with designer clothes. I'm merely a poor mans Carrie Bradshaw so take what I say with a grain of salt. But when I'm at the gym looking at CNN I really do wonder how the aid workers and journalist are doing.
I wouldn't want their jobs for all the tea in China. I admire their tenacity and courage. But I'm no dummy. I know when tragedies to network go from heart wrenching to sexy lead tear jerkers.

I pray that they report more rescue and survival stories
and I pray to 1000 gods a night for healing for that Nation. I pray for the aid workers, humanitarians on ground, journalist and of course those who were victims of this tragedy.

And when I'm done on my knees praying I reach for my voodoo dolls and poke the shit over them while I whisper "Pat piece of shiny shit...if you say one more stupid thing I will unleash an army of my best homosexual judies to house you to death! They will pop, twirl and gyrate until you croak..."

...and muffin topped right winged fat bastard...I hope Ralph Nader and Jimmy Carter and the ghost of uncle Ted Kennedy whoop yo ass, slap some ether on a rag, place it over your mouth so when they dragg yo punk ass to the tatoo shop to get that DONKEY tatooed on yo wake up and cry like the bitch ass tramp that you are. Eat a dick."

okay friends...I promise soon I will post Pollyana happy pretty posts soon.

Ciao for now babies.
Sak pase Haiti.

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