Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lucifer Son of The Morning, We're Gonna Chase Pat Robertson Out of Earth

Bonjour mes amis!

Well, the world has no doubt been rocked by events in the last week.


More insurgent attacks in Afghanistan, padded with presidential promises. Jaw jacking from Senator Reid and wack ass Rod Blagojevich, bad customer service from the Geek Squad, and Heidi Montag announces that she's "addicted to plastic surgery". Bitch please.

Monday was a busy day in the media. We were all announcing our alliance via twitter for team Conan v Leno. Senate Majorty Leader REID (who I don't believe is a racist, but a dummy with who had a bigoted moment recorded) made a statement about the president's skin color and speech pattern, which hurt and offended many present company included. The GOP cried "foul!" and naturally wanted to have the man drawn and quartered. Many compared Reid's statement to Trent Lott but the truth of the matter is, his statement about about being a "light skinned" is an ugly truth. Hell Colin Powell said it years ago too. Mr. Powell said the reason he believed many Americans wanted him to run for presidency was in part due to his "skin color and speech pattern". It's ugly, but true.

Now I don't for one moment doubt Mr. Obama's abilities as my commander-in-chief...I voted him in. Hell I've voted from him MANY times, being from Chicago and knowing him back in the day. But this post racial way of thinking is some hot buttered bullshit and folks better realize there's more to come.

ENTER ROD BLAGOJEVICH. This dumb cracka had the audacity to claim he was more "black" than Barak Hussein Obama. Jesus I wish Studs Terkel was here to witness this. Now, I grew up in Chicago folks. And for the most part it was a city of neighborhoods separated by race. In recent years the gap has closed and some ethnic groups have miscegenated successfully (Oak Park & Hyde Park are gold star winners), some have gentrified (Pilsen, Bronzeville) and some are fighting to hold on (Bridgeport, Oak Lawn). The city has a nasty history of race riots and dirty politics. For the most part we're a blue collar democratic town and will forever bear the deep wounds of old. After the Democratic Nat'l Convention, Hoover's Cointelpro against the Black Panther Party and other tales, one would think in 2010 that shoe shining is not synomyous with being Black. When I think of a shoe shine, I always think about the opening of sequence of Underdog. But that's just me.

Blago is a fucking moron. He's even admitted that his statement in Esquire Magazine was 'STUPID STUPID STUPID'. Sorry dear reader, if you didn't know the former Governor of Illinois said that he was "more black than Obama because he shined shoes and his father owned a Laundromat in a black neighborhood."

Enough about that moron. He can eat a dick.

Port-au-Prince 7.0 followed by 2 dozen aftershocks. Chaos.
A sexy news story for all the pundits. They lick their chops on calling Haiti "poor" "violent" "3rd world"...

ENTER PAT ROBERTSON he can eat a dick too.
100,000 people may have perished in the Haitian earthquake and he says they had it coming.


Ol cracka Pat ain't worth the keystrokes on my mac, so I'll be brief. He's a shiny piece of shit and has a special place in hell waiting for him. I pray the ghost of Toussaint L'Overture & his horse stampedes all over him and his followers. I don't wish death on nobody, but baby best believe when that cracka croaks I will cakewalk all over his grave. And I maintain, if you are black and "worship" with Mr. Roberston, than you are a race traitor.

I've used some harsh language in this posting and if I have offended your sensibilities my apologies. But I am not sorry for how I feel about the aforementioned jerks. They definitely had it coming.

Give What You Can Folks. Soon,we will rebuild the worlds first free nation.

Ciao kiddies!

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Maani said...

Blago do got some black hair

And Pat Robertson....douche. douche. douche.