Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fete De La Reine

Bon Jour Mes Amis!

Okay that's all the French I know. Welcome to Fete De La Reine 2009. Party for the Queen of All Things Foolish. Please join me for my birthday celebration on the French Riviera...well, if you insist on being accurate it's really Marina Del Rey BUT if you squint your eyes and knock back a double you'll swear you are in the south of France. The Ritz-Carlton sits at the bay of a yacht club and you can see the ocean in the near distance! Don't you wanna sip on some champagne and watch the seals play in the water? You may even see a plastic bag floating in the water. But trust me, it will be majestic.

So get a baby sitter, hustle up a few bucks, and car pool to the west side as we lounge in the elegantly hip lobby lounge. The bar is stocked with tantalizing cocktails and small plate menu's, there's a veranda where we can watch the sun set, and most importantly be loud and common in a posh atmosphere.

There is a pay lot across from the hotel ($3.00-5.00) and of course you can valet at the hotel. And if you're low on cash, make use of that flask Wilma.
I do hope you can make it! And if you cannot commit, no worries! Send me a birthday prayer into the universe! The Gods will respond!

Love to all!


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