Friday, April 24, 2009

An Ode...Okay, A Roast of Dr. Slick N. Brooks

Hi Kiddies. I did not, REPEAT did not write this glowing review. :) ciao!

sigh... part 2

Onward and upward we travel up the list of Bruised Orange Theater Company’s Theater Crushes.

On the hottest day so far in 2009 it seems fitting to unveil our #9 Chicago theater crush. A woman so en fuego that by comparison she makes today’s 81 degree forecasted high feel as cold as our Femme Fatale review, a woman so magnetic she fucks up compasses, so happening she alone is the answer to the question posed by the popular 70’s televised program, What’s Happening.

Ladies and Gentleman, our number nine Chicago Theater Crush: J Nicole Brooks, akaDocta Slick, aka BAM!

We came to know Docta in the hallowed halls of Northern Illinois University, where many members of BOTC cut their teeth on Bertolt Brecht books and Steel Reserve bottles. Docta, already graduated by then, came back for a supporting role in Blues For an Alabama Sky. An unnamed company member, rumored to be intoxicated on the first day of tech from homecoming induced Huskie pride, still recalls her veritable tour de force performance lustfulness.

Docta has a sense of specificity as tight as her vibe, and works her listening skills the way Bo Derek used to work a bikini. In addition to her dreamy acting prowess, this Lookingglass company member is penning her own take on the Greek myth, Phaedra,premiering at Lookingglass in September of 2009.

So with Slick’s acting, writing, directing, a smile that looks the way “Air on the G String” sounds, and the cutest fucking dimples you ever did see, it almost seems a bit  of a slight for J Nicole to be ranked as low as #9.  It was a long, hot, wet ticklefight of a discussion that decided that Slick’s only drawback was that she spends most of her time in LA.  And LA, despite Docta’s smoldering theater hotness, is a total cold shower.

It is because of these reasons, and many more J Nicole Brooks, aka Docta Slick, akaBAM!, Bruised Orange has a crush on you.

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