Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yes Virginia, There Is Still Hope For TV Land...

Bon jour mes amis!

It has been waaaaay too long since I've frolicked in the pastures of the blogsphere. No worries love lump, the Queen of All Things Foolish is back! And ready to sit my quatch bottomed ass on the throne. You may be seated.

The truth of the matter is I've been partyin' my arse off in celebration of my birthday. Which was nearly a month ago! Then I woke up one morning and realized that I was becoming a bit unfocused and I swear one day I passed my liver. So now I've re-committed to the gym and only have 2 glasses a wine per night. Don't judge me dammit.

Back to the gym to sweat like a hog so that some producer will deem me skinny enough to play nurse number 4 on some "detective series" where the lead is a emaciated blonde woman with big hair, and has a shrill voice and some stupid ass catch phrase like "Oh I'll get my man, I always do..." Jillary Jones is The Catcher On TNT.

Well one day while chasing a cupcake on the treadmill, I started to think about what kind of TV I wanted to make. I grew up watching the golden era of television where most shows were really friggin good. If you've got the time, Netflix or go to your local library and order copies of these shows: The White Shadow, St. Elsewhere, Soap, and The Twilight Zone for starters. Thanks to Bruce Paltrow, Rod Serling and many other TV creator/producers we had a myriad of shows. Sure they weren't perfect, but WAY better than the programming we have today.

Suddenly my treadmill chase depressed me. And I thought "Fck it. Rock and Roll is dead. Hip Hop is dead, and TV most certainly is dead. Somebody gimme that damned cupcake." There's nothing left to hope for.

Then Liz Lemon came into my life. This pint sized, four-eyed Caucasian brunette has given me hope. Tina Fey is one of my heroines. I usually hate stories where the world is saved from doom by some goofy white dude, but in this case I don't mind this white girl at all.

30 Rock has restored my faith in intelligent programming. Here you have a half hour sitcom about a writer who isn't pretty (although I tend to agree with the ancient Greeks that true beauty is opposite of prettiness. Tina Fey is a stunning beauty in my eyes, single, short, and has facial imperfections. I know that Ms. Fey has a team of soldiers that put the show together, but from my birds eye view, she is changing the world of TV (we just gotta get some funny black women on the show. And funny Filipino's.)

Listen if you haven't watched this show, give it a try. I think it will bring you back to the church of television. And hopefully inspire us all to take back the goof tube. Enough with the reality programming.

Liz Lemon, here's to you kid. I salute you and eat this cupcake in your honor.
Fck off producers of Jillary Jones...I'm going with Liz Lemon.

ciao for now.


Get Togetha said...

"Chasing a Cupcake on the TreadMill."

Gurl. You funny as sh*t. Good Luck with your Travails.

Anonymous said...

...and the thing about it all is that it's not just the show as a whole that's brilliant -- both tina AND liz are fantastic women. so often it's one or the other.

it's like we won the lottery.