Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm So GLAAD That Damn Award Show Ended

Well, I've slept on it. And have made peace with the fact that I will probably piss off a few folks with this post. Maybe not...I think this may be viewed as a Battle Hymn.

I thought I was going to an award show, but ended up at the circus.

So last night the cast, crew and production team behind a wonderful play called As Much As You Can (produced in 2008 by Hendel West at Celebration Theatre in WeHo) were honored with a GLAAD Media Award nomination for best theatrical production. It's an exciting thing, I tell you when a group of high powered gays anoint you with a nomination. I attended the GLAAD awards last year with my younger brother and we had a ball! It was at the Kodak in Hollywood and was the perfect mixture of civil rights meets glam. We had the time of our life!

Are you wondering what GLAAD is? Well remember, I like Kathy Griffith have known for years that I love gay people. I've been gay adjacent from my days of attending a performing arts high school and as an adult a proud supporter of this Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender organization. So you see GLAAD is basically an anti-defamation league. Okay enough about that, dear're quite savvy and will google for more info or simply go to their site

Where was I? Oh so we get the nod, great. Beg co-worker to relieve my last hour so that I can drive from Venice to Downtown, great. Wear the hooker shoes, great. Apply the eyelashes, great. Tussy, great! Borrow money I ain't got to pay for my ticket, great. It's all working out right? GREAT.

So why the fck was this the wackest evening on record?
The show droned on for hours filled with presenters who could not read the teleprompter. It felt like 15 hours of suffering. And my dear reader, I was dry. I had not a drip of alcohol in my body to deal with this tom foolery.

5 minutes before the hostess Coco Peru took the stage, the producers of GLAAD disarmed her. They took away all that queens material! I'm so serious. They didn't approve of her prepared show because they didn't want to "offend" anyone. Really? You ask a legendary drag queen to host your show then get scared that she might coon and offend the high powered gays? I get it. There are plenty of times when I cringe at the black comedian host. That's how the show started. Her telling us that she'd be winging it...

The show had some sobering moments. Like the apparent suicide of an 11 year old boy last week. He was teased for being gay.

Prop 8 debates. Battleground states fighting for civil rights (Go NY Governor Patterson Go!)
Reports of vicious attacks and murders...slander and ignorance.

There was also an abundance of inspiration. The spirit of Harvey Milk was alive and well. We also got to hear the first openly gay bishop speak. Gene Robinson received and award and he was quite the speaker. I was moved and motivated to fight for civil rights all over again.

Noted cool moments: Ellen DeGeneres' new hair cut. Very butch, very punk.

Wilson Cruz (who SHOULD HAVE HOSTED) made us all laugh. I love Wilson.

Supreme goddess Kathy Griffith accepting her Vanguard Award in a bikini. A funny bitch who is truly hated in the so called Hollywood circles. I hope to meet her. I love her. And she made fun of Janet Jackson. Hilarious.

What Were They Thinking Moment? Cheyenne Jackson singing Sam Cooke. I love you boo, but that ain't yo' song!

WTF moment? So many to name...two words: ADAM SHANKMAN. That fool almost got his ass whupped by Nichelle Nichols. Just wait. It'll be on YouTube soon.

Saddest moment of the night? Watching Jennifer Holiday sing. I'm so serious. It was the shock of the night. She closed the show with "And I'm Telling You..."

She was the saddest clown I'd ever seen in the big top.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what dramatic victim-generation twits they put in charge of these things, but I think they were also responsible for the organization of the Gay Games 2006 Opening Ceremonies:

We all knew we were in deep shit when they dragged out the aids quilt, dimmed the lights, read a suicide note, and "VICTIMIZATION" flashed across the stadium screens.

Jesus H. Christ.

That's why I decided to put the "fun" back in "funeral" and run across the damn thing naked.

Don't worry, these dour, sobbing, victimized queens who piss on everyone's parade will all be dead soon enough. Again I dont know who puts them on committees, gives them microphones, or lets them constantly stifle every moment of celebration or joy by reminding us of all their pain from 30 years ago .................. theyre worse than holocaust survivors, except they complain more.

Anonymous said...

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