Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm A Fembot, But That's Okay

Ciao fuckers!

So your dear old mum is soon to be in the museum of Bionic Women along side the great Lindsay Wagner--that's right. In just 8 hours I will be getting a new shoulder! Okay, not quite a new shoulder but I am having surgery.  Over the summer I sustained a major injury while performing in a production --yeah I got a narly injury on the next time you call a theatre fairy a sissy, think twice.  Sometimes you can get freakishly hurt in the name of art.  So in a few hours, they'll put me under with glorious anesthesia, cut through my bicep to perform a arthroscopy and bicep tenodesis blah blah blah lets cut to the chase: I'm gonna get some AWESOME drugs. I won't be able to drink, but I'll have DRUGS!

Anyhow, I've got a long road of recovery ahead. I have to wear a stupid cast/sling at all times for 5 weeks and then months of physical therapy.  Because it's my right arm (yeah I know) my postings may be sparse at first. But once mumsy regains control of using her fingers and such, you can expect elegantly fucked up drug addled postings. Yes, I know you're thinking "isn't that what she does anyway?" And to you I say, Yes. Yes I do.

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers.  I hope that I won't be away too long. But until then little possum, keep shining.  I see you.

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