Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Queendom For A Piece of Mind

Ya Habibi darlings!

A piece of insomniac theatre from your mum.  Her brain is so fried that not even the vodka/Benadryl cocktail is working. What's keeping me up at night? If you guessed The Basketball Wives, (a reality show--shonuff some garbage) that's pretty fucking good.  Why won't these asshole "ladies" go away? Has the toxic shock spread to their brain? They are like that turd that turtle's out of your ass, but won't drop. Then you spend the rest of the day itchy and annoyed.

Gross, I know. But hey insomnia & poverty doesn't yield lofty writings from me.  I'll most likely regret comparing these this girls to bowel movements.

(a small voice inside says: No you wont.)

Well...there's an audience for them, so to each its own. We all like a like our lives peppered with fuckery on occasion.  It's hard for me to reconcile because my television youth included the queendom of Madge Sinclair, Phylicia Rashad, Theresa Merrit, and Mabel King.  The wildest one we had was  Jackée Harry.  And boy she was a terrific train wreck! A well trained, and gifted comedianne.

I love seeing Black women act a fool every now and again. I just prefer mine vintage.

*In my movie guy Don LaFontaine voice: In a world, where black women didn't wear weaves nor express their "feelings" in a confessional box with cameras...Didn't stalk NFL players on Tuesdays because that's when they get paid...Twit pic snap shots of their aerola...Or gain notoriety for being mangled hell-hated pieces of poo...there was THE 70S MOVIE BLACTRESS.

Trust me, this is awesome sauce. Enjoy the clips!

I wanted to include this rad clip from a movie called BLACK SISTERS REVENGE. But the ass hats at youtube disabled the embed feature. It is SO worth the Easter egg hunt. So if you have time, skip over to youtube and type in the movie title. It will be the best 10 minutes of your life.
(that's what she said)

ciao for now possum,

We SO miss you Queen Aeoleon. Aolion? A-Ooo-leon?

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