Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vote Early And Often

Keep Hope Alive
A short play by J. Nicole Brooks based on a true story.
The Characters
VB the Queen Mum: Black woman Early 60s. A well loved, well known resident. She doesn't suffer fools gladly. 
Mrs. Apathy the Malaprop: Black woman Mid to late 30s. A cashier in the store. A bit slothful and unindustrious, but like-able.
Time: November 2, 2010 
Place: Midway Liquor Store 55th & State Street. Southside USA.

Mrs Apathy: Hey queen, how you?
VB Queen Mum: All is well.
Mrs. Apathy: What that weather doin?
VB Queen Mum: Chilly and sunny. Ain't cold enough to keep the nwords from outside though.
Pack of Virginia Slim menthol, and cash in these tickets for me. Did you vote yet?
Mrs Apathy: Gurlll naw. Please, I ain't voting.
(VB Queensteps back and places hand on her shank. She runs her fingers along the pearl handle.  Mrs. Apathy takes notice)
Mrs. Apathy: (Whispering) Why you putting your hand on your knife for?
VB Queen Mum: Did I hear you correctly? You not voting?
Mrs. Apathy: Naw. It's too much goin know...they be...them politicians they don't be doing nothing for us...they be so crooked and doing that racketing-
VB Queen Mum: Racketeering?
Mrs. Apathy: Yeah, racketing---racka you know. They be embessling. Its in the papers.
VB Queen Mum: You know, yous a dumb ho.
Mrs. Apathy: I--
VB Queen Mum: You can't even spell embezzlement.  
This is Chi city baby, where we votes early and often.
(Another customer, a drunkard chimes in)
Wino Willy: That's right gatdammit! We votes early and often that's what the white man said.
VB Queen Mum: Nwords ain't got the right to complain if they don't cast a ballot. Am I right or am I right?
(He pulls out his ballot reciept)
Wino Willy: I gots mine right here. I voted today. And now I'm fina celebrate.
(He opens his bottle of Night Train.)
Wino Willy: Alexi Polyanna...wait that ain't his name. Alexi Ginna...Jew lew li--
VB Queen Mum: Giannoulias
Wino Willy: How ever you say that honky's name gone win today. Cuz of me!
(He takes a long swig of the booze)
Wino Willy: Viva Nepal!
(He bows to Queen Mum and exits)
VB Queen Mum: Get yo ass from round that counter and go to the polling place. Crooked or not, its your duty to vote.  They didn't swing from trees for you to sit here and hide behind your own stupidity. Yeah I calls you stupid.
Mrs Apathy: Okay you right...I will.

The Queen Mum cocks her Bears cap to the side and then exits.


Ciao fuckers! GET OUT AND VOTE!

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