Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Empire State

Helllllloooooooo posssssummms!

Turn up the Al Jarreau, pull the flask from your scrotum sac and give your boss the finger, because Mummy is back from New York! And by gawd she's come to collect her kiddies and save them from a life of lassitude. {Unhooks bra}It's feeding time!
So my journey to the center of earth (otherwise known as that metropolis New York) was a smashing success. To play catch up for my new readers, a play that I wrote and co-directed called Black Diamond: The Years the Locusts Have Eaten was selected by the New Black Play Fest to be featured in their inaugural season. It was a big to do for me, as I am very young in my writing career.  I was excited and nervous--no terrified for my NY debut. With an ambitious script, a cast of 13, and merely 5 hours of rehearsals we quickly staged this political-satire-drama set in Liberia during a civil war.  Let me tell you, this staged reading much like the original production, was filled with features blood, sweat and tears.   The 2007 production was extremely agile--we had dance movement, AK 47s, visual spectacles and other theatrics.  And those aspects on the stage, doesn't always read the same like the page.  Although I was fortunate to have my a few of my original actors Alana Arenas, Tamberla Perry, Nancy Moricette, and Kevin Douglas I had to become acquainted with new actors. Notably 2009 Obie Award winning actor P. Francois Battiste--he played the lead Jim Fox, and for some reason I thought it would be a simple experience.  Then I remember what an intense SOB Francois is.  I can say that because we've been friends since we were 18yrs old.  I guess that mothafucka gets accolades because he asks questions, and much like Alana cannot commit if it doesn't feel right.  But I know how to handle a Scorpio and so I threatened to pickle his nuts if he kept questioning my skills.  It all seriousness, I was able to execute some important re-writes in the script and I could not have done it without his insight.  I can't wait to write the El Debarge story for the stage. Because I'm gonna make him star in it.

In order to create a new work, you have to have the patience of Job.  Every page, idea, beat, moment is a moving target and you have to always have your rifle cocked.  Writers take so much shit, you have no idea.  Its probably one of the reasons most of them have substance abuse problems.  But I know how to handle my pot & scotch so no worries here darlings.  A writers work is never done--so while I was in one room doing re-writes with Francois and  Quincy Dunn-Baker, my second in command Tam Perry was teaching the girls choreography. Oh yah...them girls did a physical routine that they learned in a few minutes. And they looked fierce doing it!
Long story short, we had grueling day with very little time to breath.  After rehearsing at the New School we all hopped the subway and traveled to downtown Brooklyn.  We grabbed some Jamaican food (although I was too nervous to eat) and went to the theatre.  I was anxious because I didn't have the luxury of time.  Then I started thinking "This place is for real writers! Not you, you freckled face jerk! That's it...cry you pansy! Give in to the fear! Now! Give up Nic...give up." Here's a picture of me taken moments before the reading.

But as always cooler heads prevail over the bullshit, and the staged reading received a standing Ovation.  Despite the hardships, this experience has re-ignited my passion for the play.  Since Black Diamond, many other plays about African women and rape & war have emerged.  But the frat boy in me can't help but to say "Yah dude, but I fucked her first."  I know I didn't invent any wheels, so don't go thinking I'm pulling a Little Richard. I'm just saying, I'm back and ready to get this bitch produced again.  So watch out world.  Slick and her band of black diamonds are coming for you. Because we never retreat, never surrender.

Ciao for now kiddies,


NEXT BLOG: All dogs go to heaven, and so do prostitutes.  Lets give it up for Hoes with Halos.


Mahogany said...

Kudos to you and taking the leap in the mother land of all art! I too struggle with staying in touch with my writing - which seems to be almost as good as acting (I swear somebody else told me that-I ain't a big head!)Keep going girl...the road is paved with gold...we just have to hit leroy over the head and steal some of it!

Ruby said...

as "Never Surrender", Corey Hart plays in the background of my enjoyable read...Keep it up Slick! Love, Snoop

Docta Slick said...

you're both magnificent bastards. thank you.