Sunday, January 31, 2010

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

Let us call on abundance as a respect to what used to be, thus knowing that as it fades we should be willing, with our integrity upstood, to press our brows to earth in request of forgiveness and to better hear the words silently asking us to keep onward calmly.

A commissioned poem written by Jacqueline Suskin for me!

Ciao fuckers!

What a gorgeous day here in SoCal. Sunshine was truly on my shoulders and that made me happy. No rants today. Only the musings of the glorious farmers market in Hollywood. Farmers Markets are truly one of the reasons I LOVE living in Los Angeles. Sounds crazy but a pretty row of carrots will make me skip down the street.

It's also good people watching. All kinds you get. Every class, race, creed you name it. We're all there to support one another and feel like its community. Here it is Grammy weekend and the town is overrun by assholes (more than usual). The film industry is awful with its glammed up bouncy haired women, and waif-ish punk ass Ken dolls...but the music industry? UGH. Pants On The Ground. Need I say more?

For 22 bucks I got a load of fresh rue, parsley, kale, heirloom tomatoes, 9 grain fresh baked bread, chives, rosemary, lemons, drug free chicken wings, eggs, cabbage, tea and a poem that is priceless.

I hope this day brings you great joy and peace. I myself am gone max this bounty of fruits and veggies and continue to write down the bones.

No check engine light, unemployment or eye twitch will thwart my day. Love to all of my Chi City Angelenos. We are not sell-outs or fakes. We are brave and most importantly WARM. Can you say 71 degrees?



Idia'Dega said...

A Poem Store! A manual typewriter in the middle of the LaLa Laaa Land. I love lo lov loveeee it! Too good. And I have no idea what 71 feels like, I am looking forward to 30 degrees. UknowwhotImean? Love you lady.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) take a look this emo boy hair over this blog:

C2 said...

yes yes yes, my favorite part of the week, Sundays at the Hollywood Farmer's Market!!! And how about the scary bread guy that sounds like slugworth from willy wonka? And the blonde abo lady with the best damn avocados on earth, handpicked and laid out in egg crates? and the sweet English lady with the coco mango incense and a wink. the one asian table we're not allowed to shop at 'cause they don't make deals with white folks. the magic pumpkin soap folks. and most of all the ABC 123 dude, whathisface... these are the people in your neighborhood.