Friday, November 6, 2009

Sh*t. Damn. Mothaf*cka...

Ciao lovers,

Well one week left. ONE WEEK. My precious child Fedra is nearing the end of her Chicago run. I'm fighting like a mad woman to keep it together. I'm sitting here in my living room, fighting mild depression, and seriously considering ordering a turkey fryer from HSN.

Note: Never watch HSN when you're sad. You justify every purchase. In my case, this turkey cooker has FREE shipping and handling. I will be the envy of the block whilst I binge on fried turkey. Take that Tonto!

Another bummer is that I was on hold for a film with a respected director and killer cast, and I just got notice that it ain't happening. Well, correction it is happening, just not for me. Some other whore bitch skank will have my part.

Now why she got to be all that, you might ask? Iont know. I'm sure she's a lovely girl (read: I hate her guts) and wish her well. Rejection is Gods protection and it all happens for a reason....


Well, at least Big Bird turned 40 years old this week.
The sun is hugging the great city of Chicago.
My college buds are coming to see Fedra tonight and I will fete them with cake and champagne.
And I have my health, family, and loved ones.

Oh shit, they've just listed Ingrid Hoffman's Caldero w/lid. And the cookbook???!!!! Oh HSN. Between you and Insomnia, I suppose I'll be just fine.

Ciao for now kiddies!


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