Friday, October 2, 2009

This Bud's For You

Hi kids,

So Fedra has gone from tech to performance. Bless the Gods, we've had 3 preview performances. And for the most part, the audiences have been warm and receptive.

Until tonight.

Let it be said, that I WILL NOT hold my tongue. So for those with sensitive ears, or tender hearts switch websites now....

Okay so how do I begin.


Okay got that out. These words may be unpopular, and this posting will no doubt come back and bite me in the ass. But the whipping we took tonight still doesn't compare.

I've been doing professional theatre for nearly 11 years now (which still makes me a bit of a prophyte) and I've seen and dealt with a lot. Walk outs, people throwing up in the audience and blue haired babes giving commentary on the action of the play. I've even had text messaging, which I cannot fucking stand. But tonight? Lord hammercy. These muffuckas almost made me snatch my wig off.

This organization who will remain nameless...cept I'll give a clue and let you figure it out (THE METROPOLITAN YMCA OF CHICAGO---fuck it Ion't care no more) had a rather large and drunken group. Now, the entire audience I assume was not apart of this group, but they did have a pre-show reception, and when we took places backstage for the top of the show, I could smell the booze in the air. 'Member the Woody Woodpecker cartoons when character would smell something and they would animate the odor?? Well, I could see the cloud of STINK before the show began.

The more I type, the more I want to be kind and compassionate. And a a member of the host company, I want to be careful of my words. I only wish the compassion and mercy that I'm showing NOW was shown to my actors, technicians and crew this evening.

I'll make it quick guys. This was an actors nightmare. 5 minutes into the show 4 drunken assholes stumbled into the theatre disrupting everything. 15 minutes in, 4 people left the audience(en masse). 30 minutes in? Rustling coats and Johnny Fuckface in the front row talking louder than the actors on stage. 58 minutes in, a fucking cell phone rings (and no, they did not bother to silence it). Oh it was unfuckingbelieveable.

The good thing is, the actors and crew all band together. I have to admit, I was 2 seconds from showing them what a hood rat I could be. I was already feeling shitty about losing the 2016 bid, and my ego was bruised from the get. Then to have a group of assholes come in, and treat us poorly really ruffled my feathers.

All I kept thinking was: "What would Eddie Izzard do?" He'd tell 'em to fuck off.

Now again, not EVERYONE was awful. There were patrons who listened and were with us, and to them I apologise. It's difficult as the writer because you want to protect your babies. Now mind you, we'd been rehearsing already for 6 hours prior to performance, pardon me if I seem a bit hypersensitive, and very very tired.

Bottom line is, we made it through. Tamberla squeezed my hand to let me know we were in it together, Lisa looke me in the eye as if to say "I got your back", Morocco told me to "push thru it" , Sharina hugged me tightly and Dennis the leader of our backstage crew couldn't have been more supportive.

In the end, we gave a hell of a show. Despite the madness. And to those patrons who stuck with us, I thank you on behalf of the cast. And to the drunken assholes whose mammy's didn't teach 'em any better??? SUCK IT.

I just got a tiny dose of what stand up comedians deal with.

But I'm not mad, I'm better.

ciao for now kiddies.

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