Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Bringing Sexy Back

Hi kids!

Your girl is happy to report that the production is coming together nicely. We're all sore, achy, fighting off illness and for the 3 Taurus' in the group we have to be careful about our's the first thing to go.

During the tech thru yesterday it started to get hoarse and by the end I couldn't talk much. I was using my diagram though...oops I mean diaphragm.

So for now its tea, eucalyptus, limited talking and taking it easy.

But for the show itself? Mannah des kids is crazy! These actors are doing it ya'll. Changes and all. I mean everyday there's a text, acting or staging change. And so far we haven't had any melt downs (present company excluded). New works can be a true challenge, so you must have absolute trust in your director, dramaturg, and fellow Ensemble members.

The actors are so lovely. The sound is eerie. The lights are sexy....and well, I won't give up more than that. Only to say that we're gonna tear the roof off that mothasucka.

Still more re-writes, and adjustments to be made. So we're not out the woods yet.

We gone get it right. In the words of Morocco Omari: "If it ain't sexy, then it ain't right."

Amen to that.

ciao for now kiddies.

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