Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 3

Bon jour mes amis!

Well, we are into day 4 of week three for Fedra. We are half way through the tech process and I gotta say it's WAY more fun that I would have ever imagined.

The cast is a very close one. We take good care of each other. I've become an aunt to my lil baby Tamberla. She sleeps over at my apartment and I prepare her bed, make her breakfast and pack her lunch for the day. We laugh and play the dozens and cackle til we fall asleep.

Lil Flirty Hirte is my sexy little Euro-chic mama, and we always laugh and eat burgers together. Michael Trumpet Salinas looks so damned good I wanna eat him! Morocco always surprises everyone with his silly side. Lisa Lisa amazes us all with her incredible focus and huge bag of choices. Not to mention she's pretty fucking funny and random too. Snoop Dog Martin our little Harujuku mama is a bad warrior and my man AF3 is my twin. He's silly as hell, likes to eat and has a liver that won't quit. And preggers Eason still chases us around the stage when we're goofing off.

I love my the cast, the crew, the designers...I feel so incredibly blessed! The show has something for everyone. Blood, guts and glory. Farsi, French, & Spanish. Wigs, weaves & sew-ins. Its based on a greek tragedy, but with this circle of players it's a drak comedy.

My goal is to get this show to Broadway...and I won't stop until I do.

Ciao for now kiddies!

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