Friday, February 13, 2009

Top 10 Love Songs (If You Must Celebrate This Silly Day)

Okay okay okay. So I'm not really into Valentines Day.  I mean, it's a rather gory affair when you think about a man being stoned to death...

But thanks anyway St. Valentine.  I don't do the dinner, roses and candy but I will watch A Charlie Brown Valentine Day Special.  So if you're like me and just want a chill VDay, get thee to your local independent record shop and grab these oldies but goodies!  Songs all about love. All kinds of love. (And alright, you can do Itunes and Youtube as well)  But support your local music shop folks!!  And remember we honor all kinds of love. Love that is unconditional, imperfect, unrequited, celestial, celebratory, and of course sad love songs...

So don't get caught up in the Hallmark madness. When I love you, I love you everyday.  I send my love to all of my friends and family. I send love to my Commander-In-Chief. I send love to my ancestors. I send love to the 50 people whose souls are in transition.  Buffalo, NY Feb 12, 2009.

The Docta Slick List
ARTIST                                  SONG                                         GENRE                            
T-Connection                     Best of My Love                         R& B/Rare Groove          
Johnnie Taylor                     What About My Love?             R&B /Rare Groove           
Bjork                                      Bachlorette                                 Icelandic Genius               
Level 42                                 Something About You              Rock/Pop                           
Incognito                            Deep Waters                               Soul                                    
Joe Bassin Champs Elysess                          French Contemporary     
Mohammid Rafi Jaan Pehechaan Ho                   Indian Rock/Bollywood   
Sade Bullet Proof Soul                       Adult Contemporary        
Sigur Ros                               Glosoli        Icelandic Genius               
Mos Def                                 Champion Requiem                   Hip Hop                              
Incubus Earth to Bella        Alternative Rock                

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