Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hey Kids!

So the soiree at the Ritz Carlton MDR was a hit!

In attendance a small but elite group of the Midwest finest. I'd almost forgotten how kind and approachable Chicago
folks are!

It was nice to sit amongst a group well versed on all things en vogue. BUT its even better to sit around and chat about all the things we miss at home: hot dogs that snap when you bite them; accompanied by kelly green relish, tangy mustard, warm poppy seed bun. Riding the El. Chillin' at the Lakefront. Chicago politics (read: DIRTY)Da Bears, Da Bulls, and Da White Sox.

Okay for those of you who know nothing about Chicago and the midwest we're some eatin' sons of b*tches. That's why we're all so thick! We love the moo and oink, deep friend anything, and food from across the pond. Sandburg had it right: We are truly the hogbutcher for the world.

When I unbutton my True Religion jeans, and click my vintage Gucci heels three times I open my eyes and hold in my hands:

*4 piece with mild sauce (on the side) from Harolds.
* A carmel cheese mini-mix from Garrets popcorn.
*A barrel of Hexnut Brown Ale from Goose Island Brewery.
*A proper Sunday dinner from MacAuthurs: Wings, macaroni, sweet potatoes (NOT YAMS) and a corn muffin.
*A pie from Lou Malnati's. Fcking Lou Malnati's.
*Some chicken from Eat & Run. As you can tell, I have an affinity for fried chicken. Any proper negress would.
*A burger from Top Notch. This is true South Side Pride folks.
*A bottle of Guenoc decanted into a Waterford Wedgeford decanter at NOMI.
*Any small plate from Volo.

Damn, I'm starving.

Ciao for now!

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