Sunday, August 5, 2012

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Ciao fuckers!

I know many of you have called the authorities because your dear old mumsy has been missing in action. But the charm of having a vodka soused personality, is that no one expects you to be consistent. 

Okay, maybe I have been gone too long...BUT I promise never to do it again.   This summer all of my time and energy was spent working on a new American play called Immediate Family.  I played the role of Nina Cole and boy was she a delight to play--correction she IS a delight to play...I have one performance left this afternoon before it's conclusion at the Goodman theatre.

The production has been physically demanding on me--I've done 71 (soon to be 72) performances with two major injuries: a level III torn labrum to the right shoulder which requires major repair, and was diagnosed with chronic laryngitis.  Make no mistake, I'm revealing this to you, not for sympathy but for awareness--I was able to carry on my duties fully because my body is strong and preserved with top shelf liquor. *pats weaves and snaps.
 So for the moment, I want to thank each and every single one of you for your well wishes. I received scores of emails, texts, phone calls, bottles of booze and notes of love sending me encouragement, congratulations and occasionally a really funny dick joke.  The summer for me in Chicago wasn't as easy as I anticipated...I wasn't able to socially enjoy myself...I was either on constant vocal rest, or in physical therapy learning how to reuse the motions of my arm and regain strength.

But that don't mean I didn't do my thang! I had some fun times...especially with my new family.
I'd like to thank the wonderful running crew of Immediate Family, stage management, company management, the production team and of course my cast mates for such a splendid summer.   

This play marked my return to the stage, and now I've got some retooling to do in both my career and life. Timing is everything. As Immediate Family neared its end, the start of the Olympics came about...and what I learned from watching those athletes is that, the key to success is perseverance not perfection. You can't fuck around perfectly on those balance beams without years and years and years of pursuit. Years of waking up at 5am, having superhuman discipline, and drive---to be an Olympiad you mustn't allow yourself to be consumed by insecurity or else the body learn to push thru every obstacle...and at the moment of glory of triumph, nobody gives a flying fuck about your hair.
*Don't worry, I got a separate blog post for you little worms for going in on my Golden Gabby. Turds.

If you love something hard enough--rather deeply enough, it will reveal it's secrets to you. George Washington Carver had the peanut, Sifu Bruce Lee had the body, Paula Deen has butta y'all. I have storytelling...What about you?

What is your love?

Whatever it is that you love my little possum, love it...and pay no mind to what the rest of the world says. Pay no mind to the status quo, rules of engagement or all of that other bullshit that they drill into our pea brains until it's gospel. And if we all work hard enough, "Reality Television" will go the fuck away, and we will have a true reflection of what life is.

Are you doing all that you can? I mean really all that you can? Go for it. Seriously, don't worry about what others say. And make no mistake, you will fuck up. You will make mistakes, poor judgements...and people may even disappoint you...but don't let that stop you. It's what makes us stronger. You might be the one person in the room who refuses to be apart of the confederacy of dunces. Fuck them, you're better. You're smarter, stronger. Also, you were not meant to be are a mystery for ever unfolding.  So keep on that hustle baby, and I'll be in the stands rooting for you and waving flags like the Olympian that you are.

Okay Hercules...I'm done with my drunken mysticism. I'm packing up for the theatre now. I've got one last show to do. And baby, I'm going for the gold.

*Find your greatness.  And if you cain't hang with eagles, then get yo ass out the sky.

ciao for now,

See these two mothafuckas? They don't give a fuck about you thinking they're a weird pair.

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Rasquachi said...

Man oh man ohmanohman... did I need to read that right about now.

Thank you. Writing a book ain't no joke. And it sure as hell isn't gonna write itself. No matter how hard my ass digs into this here chair.

Thank you.

(Steph Diaz)