Friday, March 30, 2012

At That Moment, I Wished For Hysterical Blindness

Hi Mum's possums,

Today's posting will be brief--I'm in a bit of a strange state. Today while running errands and driving about in my car I saw a pretty awful accident. When I was just 2 blocks from my home, I witnessed an elderly woman get struck by a rather large vehicle. The whole thing unfold before my very eyes.  My throat is still sore from screaming. I cannot describe how awful it was to witness the hands of time suspend in this awful moment. I won't provide details, because its pretty fucking awful to recollect--not to mention there could be legal actions surrounded this event...and I happen to be a key witness. Anyway, the poor woman appeared to survive the impact, and she was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I just wanted to offer a prayer to her, and ask you all to send good thoughts into the universe on her behalf. Actually--we should add the driver to that as well...I can only imagine how he feels.

So my girl, I've deployed some prayer warriors along with Lionel Ritchie & friends to make you feel better. I love you, who ever you are. Here's to your health and restoration. Hell, take some for yourself too dear reader. Happy Friday...


(How can you NOT look at Lionel Richie's face and just know that EVERYTHING will be okay?)


ifelicious said...

wow, that's awful! i was reading and wondering if you offered to be a witness and was glad when i read that you did. people don't seem to do that enough anymore.

i'll send a prayer into the universe for that lady's well being. glad she survived the impact.

Docta Slick said...

I'm sure both she and the driver could use it.