Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stuff And Thangs

Ciao fucker!

Mum's D cup runneth over, so forgive my absence.  She is very busy writing (read: drinking) on projects. I will return very soon with salacious fuckery to make you laugh out loud.  Until then, continue grooming your pubic hair.  Because what the fuck else is there to do?

But whilst you coif your pubes, check this video.  Believe me, it's funny...just give it a minute. It's a precursor to posting I'm working on about C'ote D'Ivoire.  A country in the west of Africa. English translation: Ivory Coast.  And no, Ivory soap is not made there.

We can't continue living on this planet and not knowing our kinsmen. So in getting to know other cultures, I am still an advocate of making fun of them.

So until then, keep the faith, and stay active in the community! Save gas, and stimulate the economy. Support local lap dancers.  Bike instead of driving Tits & Clits.  I'm sure they will valet your Schwinn. Write to your Congressman to demand that cheeseburgers be shot out of tee shirt cannons at sporting events. Forget starting a bookclub, start a voodoo doll club with the likenesses of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Andy McDowell.  I just don't like her.

Mercury is in retrograde, so---I'm mad as a hatter.   


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