Thursday, September 2, 2010

Urban Terrorism & The Ghost of Capone. I think Jody Weiss Could Use Back Up From Elliot Ness.

Art imitates life, or the other way around. There was a gathering of gangs today in Chicago kids.  Members of Vice Lords, GDs, Stones, Cobras, Hustlers, and Latin Kings gathered in Garfield park for a little pow wow.

(takes sip of Jameson to calm nerves. Deep breath. Okay.)

Listen to this hot steaming piece of bullshit.  There has been a press conference called by the gang leaders of Chicago to denounce the "terrorism" of their outfits led by the Chicago Police Department.
Lemme repeat this one mo 'gin.  The fucking GANGS OF CHICAGO have the audacity to call a press conference...a fucking summit because they feel as if they are being targeted by the cops. The gang members accuse CPD of "unfair harassment".  Well, I guess when you kill a few cops (4 this year so far) their brethren get a little cranky.

I'm a writer, and I wish to god I was making this story up.  When I first read this in the Huffington Post this am, I thought I was suffering a side effect of toxic shock syndrome. Did I leave the tampon in too long? Surely I must be hallucinating. Or perhaps the pot brownie was laced with PCP? Because all I could think was "wow, this has been one of the most violent summers on record for homicides--gang related no less...most of the victims all under the age of 18.  And these magnificent sacks of shit have the nerve to call a summit? BECAUSE THEY FEEL TARGETED???"

Abort them. Now. All of 'em. Full term.

Well if you think what I just wrote was gross, then you'd better nut up.  Because what I find gross, is when a fucking 8 year old girl can't jump rope without being shot.  Of course she is not the intended target, but who fucking cares right? Some gang member is aiming for another warrior, and she just happened to be there.  And just like that-- paradise is lost.  Her summer ends abruptly. She won't visit the Museum of Science & Industry in September on a field trip.  She won't get her hair pressed for Sunday service.  She won't get an airbrushed tee shirt to match her cousins when the family goes to Great America. The only tee shirts worn will be by her grieving family members.  A tee shirt with her smiling angelic face with the caption "RIP Mary Jane Doe 2002-2010"  Her friends will draw pictures and place teddy bears on the very spot where she died, and miles away a press conference by her executors will be held.  Because they too are victims, right?

Or how about when you close schools and force kids from rival neighborhoods/gangs to transfer into other schools and civil unrest ensures.  Like when a 16 year old boy is walking home from school and he literally gets swept into a gang fueled brawl, and is beaten to death with a railroad board? But hey, that how it is in the Wild 100s right?

In a time of economic crisis, it seems to me the only businesses that are doing well is A.R. Leak or Gatlings Funeral Home in Chicago.  And of course the tee shirt companies to commemorate the lives of the fallen angels.

I always wondered why so many writers never returned to their homelands.  I think I'm beginning to understand why.  Oscar Wilde stopped fucking around with Ireland, TS Eliot stopped fucking with St. Louis, and Octavia Butler stopped fucking with planet earth and opted for other dimensions.  I myself am thinking of taking up residency in the City of Atlantis.  Oh wait, there was another oil rig explosion today so living underwater might prove difficult.  Dammit. I was so looking forward to having sex with Neptune and all of those other merman's.

Oh well. I'll just live inside this bottle of Jameson.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

ciao for now,


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