Friday, July 9, 2010


Bonjour mes amis!

And a good day to you sir.  Enclosed is a link of a faaaahhhhboulous new crew I've just joined in the world of radio. Langdon Borsage (the flaming hot blonde in the center) is the host of this show, and I've joined his motley crew of co-hosts to stir up goodnesss in your draws. Cory (to the right) and I are boarding a flight to Connitecut today. We're guests on the Maury Show. I have some news to share with him--about Alfie--the black dude far left.  Cory can't understand why our baby is so dark.

the show-

Langdon is simply one of the best people you will EVER meet. Give it a listen. It will increase your bust.

the show-
the station -
funny stuff -
serious stuff -

Until then, stay golden.

And watch this clip. It's mummy's Friday treat for uncle Cory & Alfie

ciao kiddies,


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Anonymous said...

Yer gonna be on the radio?? Yee-haw!!

xo LPK