Thursday, June 24, 2010

When They Reminisce Over You Trouble T.R.O.Y.

I remember you rubbing the meat the night before
paprika, Lawry's, white pepper, and garlic powder
Grilling in the garbage can grill
hot links
hot dogs
hot daze

I remember rehearsing all summer long
learning every step, singing our songs
The Block Club party was our stage

I remember hearing Fred's band play and crooning
like Luther all night long. Everyday they rehearsed and
each band member gave us a promenade of their style
and flair. He was light skinded tall, lanky and cool.
She was lithe, sinewy hair and had a little girl like me
He was big, dark and wore glasses. His drummers arms pulsing
Fred bookish, and sweet could sang any body under the table
One by one up the block they came shortly
after 6 as the sun was setting

I remember when the sky was blue, vanilla and orange
as we set on the steps of Boom's house and talked about who
was the cutest in Right On Magazine

I remember finding pennies under the couch and going to Ms. Green buying as many strawberry cookies that could fit on my finger. Gobbling them down, one by one and the prize (unlike Cracker Jack) was taking my pinking swaddling it along the gums and finishing off the sticky, doughy, yummy goo

I remember walking down the street prettily dressed as each village queen said "Mornin Vera. Hey Nicky!"  Mami was always tall and made cigarettes look glamourous.

I was always short, funny looking and didn't understand the moles on my face.
I remember thinking they were moles, cuz ghetto ass children
don't often see freckles
they made me think I was going to have moles cover my body
the very ones that now have Love Mom and tear drops covering theirs

I remember the day you gave me my nickname "Buster Brown", because you grew tired of calling me
"Go Head Fo Head".  You teased me because you couldn't kiss me.

I remember my big forehead was cover by my freshly pressed hair that spent the night in a pink roller (a wee bit of toilet paper to protect the hair from snags).

I remember waking up watching Know Your Heritage and thinking I would go to Whitney Young HS like my big brother. I would marry you, big and strong. Black and beautiful like me.  I knew that you would build my castle in my Queendom Southside.  While you worked, I would shop for prettiness at The Plaza.  I would press my long hair, slide on my riding boots, Laura Biagiotti rimmed glasses, Coach bucket purse and all of my grown up glamour.

I remember Vacation Bible School
I remember you, Elder, taking me to Indiana Dunes
the hot sand, and the cool water
I remember the Back of the Yards
Carnival--where Boom got sick, and threw up on the ride.
I remember it was the first time I was brave enough to look at vomit.
I remember thinking " that grape jelly?"

I remembered the day you died, and how devastated we all were.  Suddenly the queendoom that I was to inherit was gone...destroyed by the laughing gods.  I was no longer a sweet princess.  I just another low scoring Chicago Public School child destined to attend Englewood, Dusable and Dunbar.  My prince Hal died, and so did our hopes...our dreams.

I married into another Queendom, but how I long to return.  So that I may reign freely with my other queens.  But I'm far away now...and hope someday to return.

I remember you
I remember me
I remember


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