Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How To Live Dangerously While Underemployed and Without Housing (The SoCal Edition)

1. Dress for whatever you want. Dress like you've been invited to the ball.  Dress as if its the Ebony Fashion Fair! Dress as if you're going to brunch with Andre Leon Talley, Diana Vreeland and Coco Chanel (same table no less) shellac your coif, shape those eyebrows, and polish them zapatos!  If you look good you feel good.   

2. Aromatherapy : Skip the spa and go straight to your neighbors yard and loot them for rosemary, lavender, jasmine, and geranium. Inhale, exhale. And if they have fruit trees jack 'em!

3. Eat the rich! There's always free sh*t to do, especially in Los Angeles.  Visit the Getty Villa (stunning views of the ocean and plenty of herbs to pick), check out LACMA on Tuesdays, golf in Palos Verdes (the dopest course overlooking the water with clear views of Catalina and its a public course), visit the California Af-Am Museum (free!), and most importantly: take time to smell the roses!  Visit the Rose Garden on Exposition Blvd. in the West Adams/USC neighborhood.

4. See a movie.  The Vista on Sunset/Virgil/Hollywood Blvd has great matinee prices and good sound quality.  Westsiders check out the Culver City Movie Theatre on Washington Blvd. Never crowded, cheap prices and they have samosas at the concession stand. Samosa, popcorn, a movie under 15 bucks? Fck yah!

5. Sit in the lap of luxury. Raid the department store brands.  Sephora can be your best friend for your personal effects.  This big corporate giant offers free samples on just about any product they have in store.  Shampoo, styling products, lip gloss, toothpaste you name it!  Kiehl's and Jo Malone body care are sample friendly too. 

6.  Net Flix. Lap Top Computer. Nuff said.

7.  Farmers Market.  YES.

8.  Don't call 411 for info instead text this number 466453.  Type in your business with city and state and moments later? Voila! Your desired info with address and phone number.  SAVE MONEY!

9. Craigslist Free Stuff. Nuff said

10. Remember that trouble don't last always.  Just keep chopping the wood. Never mind the pile.

Whew, I needed to hear that one...



C2 said...

Bring a friend to cover while you are sample shopping at Sephora and get more bang for your (non)buck. She can keep a lookout for snippy store employees. Why ASK for one when you can bend down, slide open the little drawer and take four? Two for you, one for your friend and one for your mom!

Anonymous said...

466453 - text???/ what gorgeous genius taught you that nifty little bit o'info