Friday, November 26, 2010

The Slick List

Hello possums!

I hope you gorbellied beasts had a wonderful holiday! Most of us toiled about the kitchen whipping up menus that surpassed 3,000 calories per plate and are no doubt feeling hungover today.  Its funny how holidays make you think you're a cow with 4 stomachs allowing you to scarf down food along with emotions.  I wanted to take a quick moment to send good vibrations to any and all of you who may be experiencing your first holiday while going thru a divorce, separation, illness or the loss of a loved one.  Some of you live miles away from your families, had to work a shitty job, or didn't have enough money to prepare a lavish feast. Many of you excused yourself from the table to have a good cry, had primal screams in your car, or smoked your worries away.  Holidays are time to celebrate family, and sometimes watching an elder in frail health--welp, it's enough to make you want to fall face first into your mashed potatoes.  So if you're feeling blue, chin up darling. Trouble don't last always.

In lieu of Black Friday shopping, I'm going to give thanks for what I already have.  And that's you!

Andy White
Tony Fitzpatrick
Snoop Martin
Linara Washington
Chris Grosset
The New Black Play Fest
Langdon Nation
Maria at MKS
Che Brooks
Shad Swineheart
The filmmakers of Home For The Holidays
Rachel Kraft
The 58 subscribers to this Blog :)
James Vincent Meredith, Daniel Bryant, Larry Neumann Jr., Daniel Bryant, Cedric Young, Brandon Miller
The BFF Wati Bang Bang
The MILF BFF Danniterrio
Joe--the most charming flight attendant on United Airlines
Tereneh Mosely
Yolanda Ross
Tanya Saracho
LTC Ensemble
and you babydoll for reading my blog!


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Rusty said...

Thank you, too, baby girl. Please keep on makes me happy, angry, pensive, shocked, amused, and most of all, content.